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Atwater, California Clinic 1/24

On January 20, 2024, Lions In Sight volunteers conducted a vision screening for the Atwater Lions Club. The volunteers were Corina van de Pol, OD, Maricela Robles, and Bill and Eleanor Britter, LIS Trustees. The team screened 180 patients during the 6-hour clinic. Most of the patients were immigrant farmers who were in great need of vision correction. The group also identified astigmatisms in many of the school children they examined. Lions In Sight distributed dozens of eyeglasses during the clinic and arranged for those patients with specific eyeglass prescription needs to receive eyeglasses from The Zenni Corporation.

In addition to vision screening, the Atwater Lions Club, in coordination with the Global Initiative for Health and Wellness, had stations set up for blood pressure, BMI, and blood glucose checks.

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