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Summerfest 2020

The COVID-19 Pandemic has drastically changed everything in our lives. That being said it is with regret that our Summerfest Fundraiser will not be held this September.  We are however planning to continue our fundraising efforts as our nonprofits are struggling during this Pandemic as are all charities. If you would like to make a donation please mail checks made out to Lions In Sight to:


3814 Merrimac Ct.

Stockton, Ca. 95219

Previous Summerfest. We'll see you again in 2021!

Monies will be distributed to Lions In Sight, The Central Valley and Mother Lode Chapters of the Flying Samaritans and to The St. Mary’s Homeless Shelter Medical Clinic. Please put September 18th, 2021 on your calendars for next years fundraiser. And in the meantime stay safe!

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