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How To Donate Glasses

What to donate to Lions In Sight:
  • Eyeglasses.  Please discard all eyeglass cases before sending or donating.

  • Sunglasses.  Prescription and non-prescription.

  • Broken eyeglass parts. LIS recycles them as scrap.

  • Clip on sunglasses with metal parts.  Please discard clip ons that are all plastic.

  • Hearing aids

  • Printer and toner cartridges

  • Cell phones

How to get your eyeglasses and other items to Lions In Sight:
  • Deliver your eyeglasses to a drop off location listed here.  Drop off locations are unable to accept printer and toner cartridges.  A spreadsheet of drop off locations is available here.    

  • Mail your items to the Lions In Sight warehouse  at 1404 Lemon Street, Vallejo, CA 94590

  • For Lions Clubs only: you may use this shipping label.

  • Give to a Lions Club member.

Ways to Collect Eyeglasses:
  • Place a collection box in your business or community in an area where it will be noticed.  Any clean box will work.  LIS can provide Lions Club stickers to help identify the purpose of the box. Please be sure to include your contact information on the box and collect the contents on a regular basis.

  • Ask your eye care professional if you can place an LIS collection box in their office/clinic.

  • Ask people who attend your event to bring a pair of used eyeglasses as their ‘ticket’.

  • Develop a scout, youth group, or school collection project.

  • Collect used eyeglasses and hearing aids from club members, neighbors, family, friends, schools, religious organizations, teams.

Note: Please

  • Be prepared to mail collected glasses to the Lions In Sight warehouse at the address listed above. Most clients use the USPS Priority Mail boxes that are one cost no matter the weight of the contents. The boxes are free at the Post Office.

  • Discard all eyeglass cases during your collection and before sending them to LIS.

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