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Mandatory Training For Clinic Volunteers

This material must be reviewed and understood by all Clinic Volunteers

Dispensing   Video

 This video describes the basics of dispensing glasses during a clinic

Dispensing Guide

For Beginners

Study this guide and print a copy to reference during your clinic

Clinic Schedule and Information

This  guide describes what  to expect during your clinic and what you should bring.

Suggested Videos For Doctors

LIS recommends that doctors watch the following videos 

Information For Doctors

This video  provides general exam information

Information For Lead Doctors

Learn about the role and responsibilities of the Lead Doctor on this video

Mandatory Training For Clinic Volunteers

Additional Videos

Videos to Watch for General Information about Vision and Lions In Sight

Optics Information

This video covers additional information about optics

Clinic Experience

Clinic participants describe the clinic experience on this video

Warehouse Overview

Those interested in volunteering in the LIS warehouse will find this video useful.

Lions In Sight Background

This video describes our prison program and explains our banner

Additional Videos
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