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In Memoriam: Dr. David W. Gayle

Dr. David W. Gayle passed away on June 30, 2020 due to complications of COVID-19. He graduated with honors from University of California School of Optometry in 1988. Dave and his classmate, Dr. Wayne Cannon, were founding members of Help the World See. Help the World See began clinic missions in 1988 with a trip to the Philippines. As the group expanded, they engaged the help of local Lions Clubs, and eventually, developed into what is now Lions In Sight.

Dave participated in many Help the World See and Lions In Sight clinic trips including Chile, Ukraine, Belize, Providencia Island, Eritrea, Kenya and Mexico. He was a fantastic clinician who was empathetic and kind, well loved by his patients, and could always bring a smile to a patient’s face.

Dave spent his professional career in the far Southern part of California, practicing in Brawley for many years and later in Yucca Valley and Palm Desert. He is fondly remembered by his friends and associates for his kind heart, dry wit, and wholehearted addiction to the news. He also loved a good meal and music, he worked as a late night DJ during his years in optometry school. He worked as a DJ in Texas before he went to optometry school.

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