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In Memoriam: Walter Griffin

Walter Griffin

How can we describe Walter to those who were not fortunate enough to know him? The nouns are easy: husband, brother, Lion, LIS Warehouse Manager, friend, mentor. Describing him physically is not difficult either: a burly man in aloha shirts and cowboy boots, with a white beard, great laugh, and piercing intellect.

But those words hardly capture the essence of Walter Griffin: his huge heart and endless dedication to service, his unwavering commitment to Lions In Sight's mission of helping tens of thousands around the world.

During his battle with cancer, Walter and Barbara visited the LIS warehouse when he was able. While we all worried about potential over exertion as his health declined, we also knew that this was who Walter was. He wasn't about to depart quietly, beaten and weak. He would leave us as he lived: on point, leading by example, and selflessly serving others.

Countless people's lives were improved because of Walter. He truly made a difference.

There will be A Celebration of Life for Walter on July 21, 2019 in Antioch, California. Details are here. RSVP is requested.

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