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Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico 11/19

In November 2019 Lions In Sight conducted a three day vision clinic in the city of Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico, a port city located in the southern portion of the state of Michoacan.

The team, led by Dr. Corina van de Pol, worked well together and saw 1057 patients. Corina was assisted by Dr. Vivian Le, six student ODs and 3 pharmacy students from Marshall B. Ketchum University (MBKU) in Fullerton, CA.

The local community provided translators from the Quincy Institute, an optician, nursing students, and numerous Red Cross volunteer ‘traffic’ controllers. The clinic was held in the hotel public areas.

Lions In Sight is conducting more clinics that include health assessments in association with the Global Health Initiative. As a result, 750 patients were also screened for high blood pressure, and high glucose and cholesterol levels. During the health assessments two patients were urgently sent to the hospital for care.

The optometry team identified 105 patients for cataract and other ophthalmological follow-up care. Special glasses for astigmatism and unique prescriptions were ordered for 178 patients.

After the clinic, the team traveled to the Monarch Preserve in the mountains of Michoacan to experience the migration of the monarch butterflies. The group hiked and rode horseback up the mountainside to see the monarchs as the first sunlight hit their wings and sent them into flight. It was a spiritual experience with tens of thousands of monarchs filling the sky and settling on pine tree branches, which made the tree look as though it was covered in light gold leaves.

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