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Monterrey, Mexico 5/19

In May 2019, LIS served the community of Santa Lucia, Guadalupe in Monterrey, Mexico, which is located in the northeastern corner of the country and about 150 miles south of the U.S. border. The team served over 1100 people during the clinic, providing eye exams and eyeglasses over two days.

The Club de Leones Monterrey Santa Lucia coordinated with Mexico’s social/health welfare department for families (DIF) and local optometrists to expand and enhance the capabilities of the team. Additionally, and for a second time, Lions in Sight partnered with the U.S. Global Health Initiative (GHI) to provide expanded health checks for community members. For instance, over 300 clients were screened and given information about how to better control blood pressure and blood glucose levels.

Clinic volunteers were from California, North Carolina, and Georgia. The team included four students from the Marshall B. Ketchum University (MBKU) Campus Lions club (two optometry and two pharmacy students), three pre-optometry students, three optometrists, one nurse practitioner, a nurse, and three Lions volunteers.

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