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Stand Down On The Delta, 9/19

Vet testing her new sunglasses

CalVet Veteran Services reports that “Veterans often suffer from conditions that make it difficult to find and maintain gainful employment and pay for housing. Along with the high rates of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI), the VA has found that approximately 55% of homeless veterans suffer from mental health issues, 70% are affected by substance abuse issues, and 40% of female homeless veterans report experience (sic) severe forms of mental illness, mostly due to higher rates of military sexual trauma (MST).”

Tents were provided by the Air Force

The Delta Veterans Group sponsors several programs to aid veterans, including Stand Down on the Delta (SDOTD). SDOTD is an annual four-day, three-night event in which veterans are provided full medical treatments (including dental exams and vision screening), court and legal services, DMV, Chaplain services, housing, addiction and mental health counseling, employment, and a myriad of other community services. During the event, veterans are also provided with clothing, meals, showers, sleeping tents, and a safe place to "stand down" for the duration.

Lions Club members helped provide hot meals

Lions fitting veterans with eyeglasses

Several East Bay / Delta Lions Clubs supported the September 2019 SDOTD with volunteers, donations, and services. Lions In Sight provided vision screening and eyeglasses. The veterans frequently needed corrective lenses for reading as well as UV blocking sunglasses to protect their vision from the harsh conditions of living outdoors.

Your support made it possible to help our veterans in need. Thank you!!

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